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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - US Agriculture Election Primer Part 1: Issues And Candidate Positions - SEPT 2016

Americas September 2016 / United States / Industry

In anticipation of the upcoming US election, we present part one of a primer on the key issues facing the country's agribusiness sector. We outline the context and candidates' views concerning a variety of issues facing the industry, including labelling laws, immigration, trade and regulation. Part two, published next month, will discuss in greater depth which candidate's policies are likely to have the most favourable impact on the sector.


Industry Trend Analysis - Fresh Food e-Commerce: Outperforming Broader Food Segment - SEPT 2016

Asia Pacific September 2016 / China / Industry

Fresh food products e-Commerce is relatively new to the booming e-commerce platforms in China, but we expect online sales for this segment will record strong growth in the coming years. Imported fresh food products will take a large share of the pie of the future online sales, due to consumers' food quality concern, but the implementation of more stringent trade rules in the future may limit margins in the sector.


Industry Trend Analysis - Challenging Coffee Market For Tim Hortons - OCT 2016

Europe September 2016 / United Kingdom / Industry

The expansion of Tim Hortons into the UK will be challenging given the saturated market for coffee chains and lack of brand awareness. Its unique product portfolio and our expectations for coffee spending to remain strong should help it gain traction but concerns over the healthiness of its offerings will require product innovation and diversification.


Industry Trend Analysis - Local Produce Will Boost Food Manufacturing - SEPT 2016

Middle East & Africa September 2016 / Cameroon / Industry

BMI View: Cameroon's food processing industry is poised for positive growth over our forecast period on the back of growing investment in locally sourced products. In particular, confectionery companies will benefit from rising cocoa production. We highlight domestic manufacturer Chococam as a dominant player which will maintain strong growth due to extensive market knowledge as well as an increasingly favourable consumer profile.