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Key stories from this month's issue...

Commodity Strategy - Coffee: Key Ratio To Remain In Robusta's Favour For Now - JUNE 2016

Americas June 2016 / Global / Industry

Arabica coffee prices will trade sideways to higher over the coming months as the Brazilian harvest commences and worries mount over Vietnam's supply, boosting the prices of robusta, a key substitute. A stronger-than-expected Brazilian real will also keep prices supported. However, a balanced market will prevent a significant rally higher.


Industry Trend Analysis - Fertiliser Market Outlook: Continued Surpluses And Price Weakness - JULY 2016

Asia Pacific July 2016 / Global / Industry

Despite extended fertiliser price weakness in 2016, supply will continue to outweigh demand in nitrogen, phosphate and potash over the next five years. Fertiliser prices will not tumble from their current levels in the short term, but we remain bearish on the outlook for prices out to 2020. Fertilisers companies will underperform other agricultural input companies, while emerging markets' fertiliser companies will outperform their developed markets' peers.


Market Strategy - Agribusiness Company Strategy - JULY 2016

Europe July 2016 / Global / Finance

Agricultural equities have improved in recent weeks in line with equities amid a rally in oil prices and emerging markets assets, as well as firmer US macro data in the context of extremely bearish sentiment. However, we continue to expect a bear market for global equities to ensue over the coming quarters as profit margins and valuations contract.


Commodity Strategy - Brexit: Negative For Commodities, Bullish For Precious Metals - JULY 2016

Middle East & Africa July 2016 / Global / Industry

A 'Leave' result from the UK June 23 'Brexit' referendum is a negative for almost all commodity prices, except silver and gold, towards which we reiterate our bullish stance. The impact is all the more significant given that as recently as June 22, markets were pricing in a 'Remain' result as the most likely scenario.