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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Beef: Solid Export Outlook But Key Impediments Remain - FEB 2017

Americas February 2017 / Paraguay / Industry

Paraguay will see moderate growth in beef production out to 2020/21 as key structural impediments prevent stronger gains. The export market will remain paramount for the Paraguayan beef sector and will drive output growth over the coming years. Success will depend on opening new markets and diversifying destinations. Growing demand for higher-quality beef cuts will support domestic consumption which is already at a high base.


Industry Trend Analysis - Settling As World's Second Importer Out To 2021 - FEB 2017

Asia Pacific February 2017 / Indonesia / Industry

Indonesia will not be able to sustain strong production growth in sugar over the next five years due to numerous challenges including land availability, productivity in the milling sector, insufficient government support and competition from imported raw sugar. In contrast, the country will remain the world's second-largest sugar importer as fast growth in the processed foods and confectionary segments will rely on increasing amounts of foreign sugar, mainly from Thailand.


Market Strategy - Global Commodities Strategy - Monthly Roundup - FEB 2017

Europe February 2017 / Global / Economy

We remain positive towards commodity prices over 2017, as the combination of improving supply and demand fundamentals and rising global inflation expectations will support prices. Commodities look particularly attractive relative to bonds and equities - especially US stocks - and we maintain our long-held view that real assets will outperform. Extreme valuations in bonds and equities, at a time when commodity prices are still low despite the rally recorded in 2016 - hovering around their 2015 levels -, will support this view.


Market Strategy - Global Commodities Strategy - FEB 2017

Middle East & Africa February 2017 / Global / Industry

We are positive towards commodity prices over a 12-month horizon and expect almost all to average higher year-on-year. In fact, we expect commodity prices to be one of the best performing asset classes over the coming quarters, boosted by both improving supply and demand fundamentals and rising global inflation.