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Key stories from this month's issue...

Commodity Strategy - What Could Cause A Commodity Price Spike? - JAN 2017

Americas December 2016 / Global / Industry

A commodity price spike is one of our 'hidden risks' for 2017, along with several other low-probability but high-impact events. Current market consensus, as well as our own view, is for only modest commodity price gains in 2017. Nonetheless, a broad-based commodity price spike in 2017 is plausible and below we highlight potential scenarios under which a price surge could occur.


Industry Trend Analysis - China Trade: Meat Imports To Remain Strong In 2017 - JAN 2017

Asia Pacific December 2016 / China / Industry

On the contrary to other agricultural imports which are proving to be weak so far in 2016, China's meat imports are reaching record levels in 2016 due to local production issues, and we expect import demand for pork, beef and poultry meat to remain robust in 2017. Meanwhile, grains and softs imports - with the exception of palm oil, soybean and sugar - will remain weak in the coming quarters due to oversupply issues and the authorities' limitations of imports for certain products. Imports will re-accelerate in the longer term, driven by grains, sugar and dairy.


Global Industry Overview - Key Themes For Agribusiness In 2017 - JAN 2017

Europe January 2017 / Global / Industry

Agricultural equities will broadly outperform benchmark equity indexes over the coming quarters, as they will benefit from higher average commodity prices and an expected increase in inflation. However, companies will face challenges due to increased operating costs and trade protectionism.


Industry Trend Analysis - Key Themes For Food & Drink In 2017 - JAN 2017

Middle East & Africa January 2017 / Global / Industry

With 2016 coming to an end, we highlight our key global views for the Food & Drink sector in 2017. It will be a difficult year for F&D majors, as they deal with declines in sales of traditional products in developed markets, as consumers move towards healthier, niche brands. Innovation and technology is playing a critical role in these markets, forcing the big companies to adjust their product portfolios to catch up.