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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Environmental Regulation To Tackle Livestock & Fertilisers, Incentivise Biofuels - NOV 2017

Americas October 2017 / Global / Industry

The agricultural sector is responsible for one quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and will play a central role as the world transitions to a low-carbon future. The livestock sector - and cattle ranching in particular - will be at the forefront of the policy debate, given its outsized contribution to emissions, but the transition will also impact the rest of the sector as governments move to regulate land and fertiliser use and incentivise the production of crop-based biofuels.


Industry Trend Analysis - Global Biomass Power Forecast: Asia Key To Growth Momentum - DEC 2017

Asia Pacific November 2017 / Global / Industry

We expect Asia to drive global biomass capacity expansion over the coming decade as India and China rapidly expand their sectors by utilising residue from substantial agriculture, livestock and forestry sectors


Industry Trend Analysis - Black Sea Share Of Global Wheat To Stabilize - DEC 2017

Europe November 2017 / Europe / Industry

We maintain our positive outlook on wheat production in Kazakhstan but expect yields to revert to trend in Russia and the Ukraine in the 2018/2019 Marketing Year and expand at a slower rate thereafter. Combined, these trends will ensure that the Black Sea's share of global wheat production remains stable over our forecast period to 2021.


Industry Trend Analysis - Iranian Dietary Shift A Health Worry - DEC 2017

Middle East & Africa November 2017 / Iran / Industry

Iranian consumers' dietary shift raises health concerns, as consumers sharply decrease their spending on perceived healthier foods, while increasing their spending on sugar and confectionary products. We also note the growing popularity of fast food in the country.