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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Sugar Taxes In The Americas: Brazil And Canada Most Likely To Follow Mexico's Lead - FEB 2018

Americas January 2018 / Latin America / Industry

We are seeing growing momentum for sugar taxes in the Americas, with a number of countries considering following Mexico's lead which introduced a tax on sugary drinks in 2014. We profile the impact of Mexico's sugar tax in the years since, and assess the latest policy developments and overall likelihood of a sugar tax in other major markets in the region. We highlight Brazil and Canada as the most likely to announce a sugar tax in 2018 and beyond, while Chile is another market to watch, as the country explores the possibility of taxing confectionery and other foods with high-sugar content.


Commodity Strategy - Commodities: Will India Be The Next China? - FEB 2018

Asia Pacific January 2018 / Global / Industry

India will emerge as the new growth bright-spot for commodities demand, driven by a robust expansion in the country's underlying economy. India will be a particularly important driver of energy demand over the next ten years, and we forecast especially large tonnage increases in the consumption of refined fuels and coal, albeit less than that seen in China over the past decade.


Regional Overview - Five Key Themes For Europe Agribusiness - FEB 2018

Europe January 2018 / Europe / Industry

Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy will begin in earnest in 2018, and environmental criteria will re-emerge as a key focal point. Environmental considerations could have detrimental impacts on regional palm oil consumption, while the removal of sugar production quotas will favour low-cost producers including France and Germany. EU and UK agriculture could be severely affected in the event of a 'cliff edge' Brexit. Finally, we assess the future impact of big data.


Commodity Price Forecast - Soybean: Minor Deficits To Spur Small Prices Increases Out To 2022 - FEB 2018

Middle East & Africa January 2018 / Global / Industry

We have maintained our soybean forecasts out to 2022 and expect prices to average moderately higher than spot levels in the coming years. The global soybean market will register small deficits as global demand growth, led by China, remains steady. By contrast, global supply growth will slow due to a reduced rate in plantings and yields.