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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - US Cotton Production Revised Upward, Hurricane Minor Risk - SEPT 2017

Americas September 2017 / United States / Industry

Cotton prices will continue on their moderate downward trend to the end of the year, following significant upward revisions to the 2017 US bumper cotton crop in the USDA's August WASDE. These were accompanied by smaller upward revisions for China and Benin, increasing the estimate of global output in 2017 by almost 2mn bales. Looking forward to 2018/2019, we expect US cotton yields to fall from record highs achieved this year, responding to price lows in H217 and record-high ending stocks, and setting the stage for increasing global deficits and a slow uptick in average prices to 2021.


Market Strategy - Agribusiness Company Strategy - SEPT 2017

Asia Pacific September 2017 / Global / Industry

Brazilian companies will enjoy an improvement in share price performance as concerns over the 'weak flesh' scandal temporarily abate, but the scandal exposes long-running corporate governance concerns that will make future appreciation a challenge. North American companies will continue to integrate downstream to mitigate.


Industry Trend Analysis - EU Imports Could Fill Japan Dairy Shortfall - SEPT 2017

Europe September 2017 / Japan / Industry

Low birthrates and an ageing population in Japan have decreased demand for milk, but other products derived from dairy are gradually increasing. Alongside cheese and butter, we see growth potential for ice cream and yoghurt to experience a boost in consumer demand. With declining domestic production but growing demand for dairy products, we therefore see potential for imports to fill some of this demand gap, particularly now that the EU-Japan free trade deal has been completed.


Industry Trend Analysis - SSA: Improving But Constrained Prospects For GM Seed Usage - SEPT 2017

Middle East & Africa September 2017 / Africa / Industry

Regulatory changes and a favourable pipeline of GM crops hold upside risks for our forecasts on the uptake of GM in Sub-Saharan Africa. That said, broader structural problems in regional agribusiness value chains will constrain the growth of the GM market going forward. In particular, the dominance of low-income smallholders, a lack of regulatory harmonization between countries, and persistent infrastructure challenge will limit commercial opportunities on the continent.