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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Trump Election Victory: Initial Thoughts For Agribusiness - DEC 2016

Americas November 2016 / United States / Industry

Republican candidate Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 US presidential election will have considerable impacts across the agribusiness sector, especially over the coming years. Much of this will be determined by how closely Trump sticks to his campaign proposals. Longer term implications pertain to future Farm Bills and the federal marijuana legislation.


Industry Trend Analysis - India's Beef Exports: Big Potential But Hidden Risks - DEC 2016

Asia Pacific November 2016 / India / Industry

India's beef sector will continue to be one of the country's agribusiness bright spots despite the rise of nationalistic Hindu sentiment. India is specialised in the production of cheap and abundant buffalo meat and will continue to lead the global beef trade in volume, amidst increasing demand for inexpensive meat in Asia and the Middle East. However, its reliance on illegal trade routes to China makes the sector vulnerable to a potential crack down on smuggling.


Industry Trend Analysis - Greencore Set For Growth Amid Strong Appetite For Fresh Food On-The-Go - DEC 2016

Europe November 2016 / United States / Industry

We believe Greencore's latest acquisition provides a platform for the Irish company to rapidly grow its operations throughout the US, particularly as major brands and grocery players turn towards manufacturing partnerships to keep costs low. The outlook for the US convenience market remains favourable, as busy millennial consumers and greater health-consciousness drives demand for fresh food available on-the-go. We therefore expect to see further M&A activity within convenience over the coming years as companies adapt to these trends and the sector undergoes greater consolidation.


Commodity Strategy - Commodities To Continue Stoking Inflation - DEC 2016

Middle East & Africa November 2016 / Global / Economy

Commodity prices, particularly oil, will be an increasingly positive driver of global inflation in 2017. This trend contributes to our expectation for 'stagflation-lite' in developed markets.