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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Deere's Wirtgen Acquisition: Executing Strategic Objectives But Optimistic Growth Rates - JULY 2017

Americas June 2017 / United States / Industry

Deere & Company's purchase of privately-owned Wirtgen Group is attractive given that it fits Deere's strategic objectives and the selling prices was similar to market comparables despite Wirtgen's industry leading position. We do, however, note that some of the deal's growth estimates, particularly related to road construction, look overly optimistic.


Market Strategy - Agribusiness Company Strategy - JULY 2017

Asia Pacific June 2017 / Global / Industry

Brazilian companies will suffer in the wake of the 'weak flesh' scandal that has rocked the country in recent weeks and we no longer expect share price outperformance against US-based competitors. However, US companies will continue to suffer from weak retail meat prices and concerns over trade opportunities.


Commodity Strategy - BMI Vs Consensus: Above Consensus Gold And Grains - JULY 2017

Europe June 2017 / Global / Industry

We remain generally neutral towards commodity prices on a short-term (three-to-six month) horizon, with the exception of oil and grains, towards which we are more positive. Over a two-year horizon, we remain broadly constructive on commodities and expect prices to grind higher, driven by oil, non-ferrous metals, gold and agricultural commodities.


Industry Trend Analysis - Agribusiness Mid-Year Update: Key Themes For 2017 - JULY 2017

Middle East & Africa June 2017 / Global / Industry

At the mid-way point in the year, we are assessing the performance of our agribusiness key themes for 2017 as outlined in December 2016 (see 'Key Themes For Agribusiness In 2017', December 2 2016). All of the themes we had identified have played out in a number of guises across the agribusiness sector.